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Women And Restaurants

This is a regular invitation-only boutique convention for women restaurateurs of Australia, by women restaurateurs of Australia, for professional support, development, and friendship. 


The Council of W.A.R is a spin off of a group of women restaurateurs in Sydney who meet regularly and have found it to be not only of professional support and development but also a source of friendship. We call this our Council Of W.A.R (Women And Restaurants).

The often-lonely role of a female restaurateur, often in the media shadow of the male representative of the business, has given this project wings of its own, as those involved have thrived on the opportunity to talk shop thoroughly with others from not just the same industry but specifically the restaurant landscape, and even more specifically, from an owner and operator perspective.

We offer each other support, share our expertise and encourage each person to generate new ideas and motivation to take away with them. It is not only incredibly helpful from a ‘brains trust’ point of view, but is also a validation of the intense amount of ‘hats’ we are to wear every day. We learn from each other, in a trusting and open environment – we talk honestly… as only women can!

We have regular conventions but it is mainly an informal, very beneficial, network of like-minded experts!

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