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coming soon to Summer Hill

Award winning Ormeggio at The Spit’s Business partners, Chef Alessandro Pavoni and Bill Drakopoulos have snapped up the iconic heritage listed post office in Summer Hill, previously home to the acclaimed One Penny Red.

Postino Osteria will be a classic Italian neighbourhood osteria by Chef Alessandro Pavoni and team. It is a bar. It is a restaurant. It is a casual and affordable dining experience with simple yet delicious dishes, a menu of snacks and specials, of traditional Italian recipes, and of course great cocktails and a fabulous cellar to complement it all.

Alessandro Pavoni said, “A good neighbourhood osteria is something nobody should be denied. A place where you can stop for a vino on your way home from work, celebrate with friends and family when you deserve celebrating, come for dinner and know you’ll be looked after by a maitre’d who knows your favourite aperitivo and goes from there. A great local osteria is a home away from home. That’s what we are looking to bring to Summer Hill with Postino Osteria.”

Postino is a play on words, in Italian meaning both ‘postman’ and ‘small but cozy place’.

Set to open mid 2024 Alessandro and his team can’t wait to deliver this full package to Summer Hill.


Track our delivery via Instagram/Facebook: @postino.osteria

Would you like to join our team in Summer Hill? 

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